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Allergan Latisse 0.3% Set

Allergan Latisse 0.3% Set

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Allergan Latisse 0.3% 5ml Set

LATISSE® grows lashes longer, fuller and darker. LATISSE® solution is a once-nightly treatment you apply topically to the base of your upper eyelashes, as instructed. Then, gradually, the results come in. You may start to see more length in as little as 4 weeks and you should achieve full growth in 16 weeks. After lashes reach desired length product can be used every other night. If product is stopped lashes will return back to natural length over time. LATISSE® is a physician prescribed FDA-approved treatment.

Do not use LATISSE® If you use/used prescription products for eye pressure problems. May cause brown darkening of the colored part of the eye which is likely permanent. LATISSE® may cause eyelid skin darkening which may be reversible. Only apply at base of upper lashes. DO NOT APPLY to lower lid. Hair may grow outside the treatment area. If you have eye problems/surgery, consult your doctor. Common side effects include itchy and red eyes. If discontinued, lashes gradually return to previous appearance. 

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